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Hillcrest Swim Club Members


We are opening for the 2021 summer season, following social distancing.  This season we ask for your commitment to everyone's safety and follow our social distancing guidelines below.


  • BYOST- Bring Your Own Swim Toys- Hillcrest Swim Club will not have toys available onsite.  You are permitted to bring toys to the pool; however, you are responsible for them at all times.  Personal toys cannot be unattended.  (Example, if you bring a toy in the water with you, you must take it out of the water when you exit.)  This includes basketballs as well.

  • If you bring toys, you are responsible for taking them home when you leave. Any unattended toys at the end of the day will be disposed of.

  • Masks – We ask that you wear a mask when entering the bathhouse.  Lifeguards will be required to wear masks when working at the snack bar or check-in area.

  • Lifeguards will not be responsible for monitoring the social distancing guidelines we have set forth.  We are expecting parents to discuss this with their children and be responsible for this.

  • Lifeguards will be on hourly rotations for sanitizing the pool area and bathrooms.

Parents, we will rely on you to assist with communicating these guidelines to your children before entering Hillcrest Swim Club property. Please refer to the Social distancing Posters (onsite) and utilize the 6-foot rule in general. 

Please help us create a fabulous summer season for all of us members and families!

Happy girl swimming in pool
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